Simple, easy to access and cost-effective counselling.

We understand that counselling can feel like a giant leap, so firstly, well done for coming - we want it to feel more like a step.

We want to ease your anxiety, and so we’re offering easy access services (Free Consultation) - stripped back and simple, with cost-saving bundles and real, qualified Therapists. 

We primarily believe in a Person Centered approach - you hold the key to your potential, and with our support and guidance, we can help you unlock it.

One of our greatest human needs is to feel connected, and we know that change can occur through Honest, Trusting and Empathic, therapeutic relationships.

Our Philosophy is to help you discover your truth - It’s real and it WORKS

Connected in person, Together online.

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COVID-19  May 2021:


Now fully OPEN (with secure, risk assessed procedures) for Face to Face and all services - Simple! 

"Talking to Stuart has given me a self understanding and acceptance to apply not just to the issues that brought me to him, but to all aspects of life"


Louise, Newquay

" Stuart is a great Counsellor. He's really helped me open my eyes on my truth and about myself. You've really helped me see my true worth and shown me that I am actually really strong. You've pushed me to become my best self"

Rebecca, Newquay

"Sessions with Stuart helped me to become more aware of my emotions and encouraged my own personal growth. You have helped me to open myself up to my feelings and identify what they root from"

Maddie, Barry, Wales

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Stuart MBACP

Counsellor & Therapist


Hello, I’m Stuart!


I’m 39, divorced and a Father of two. I've certainly had moments of 'highs and real lows' -  I've experienced trauma, battled mental health, been in love, suffered heartbreak and caused pain myself. I live with an anxious mind and have experienced it's restrictive and awakening power.

I’m a real person, with a real story.

I’ve started iRelation with a clear vision – to bring you something easy to access, simple and stripped back, connected, honest and offers you real value and reward. 

You’re going to see me 'blogging' and 'vlogging', creating posts and quotes and laying myself out the on the table. I don’t expect you to do this, If I’m not! 

We are qualified, insured and wanting to know you. 

Connected in person,
Together online

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Our Services

  • Try out counselling with our free consultation before you book.

  • In Person Counselling in a comfortable, homely space in Newquay

    Starting from £30
  • Walk & Talk Counselling in our beautiful, natural surroundings!

    Starting from £30
  • Simple, Personable, Telephone Counselling with the same Therapists

    Starting from £28
  • Simple and flexible online messaging service

    20 British pounds
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“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment”


*All rights are reserved by to refuse, cancel, or bring to a close any contract or service, offered to any client, at any given time (where a contract is in place, notice as per contract will be given)

*Any service is given subject to a trial or assessment with the Therapist (includes 'Try us for Free')

*Information and data will be kept securely and relevantly, as per Data Protection and GDPR guidelines and restrictions

*Only one 'Try us for free' may be used per user

Covid 19

All services will be run with strict adherence to current Government rules and guidance regarding Covid 19