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Are we settling?!

Do you notice yourself often feeling frustrated at the love and relationship you have? Do you find yourself venting more than you would like about it? Do you sometimes wonder that you deserve better, or hear it often, but choose to shake your head and brush it off your shoulders? Do you sometimes crave something you see in other relationships, do you wish you had something in yours that you don't have?

All of these are things that I would guess have circled your mind from time to time. Hey, it's normal to have doubts concerns and questions! But when you find these thoughts consuming you, keeping you up at night, making you take up unhealthy distractions, drinking more, becoming more stressed at home, at work - having depression, anxiety, feeling on edge, or angry.. We have to stop and ask ourselves if and why we are settling!!

What are the things we truly want and need from love and relationships? Are we getting them? If we are not, then we have to find our truth and discover whether these truths are not consistently being met. We have to ask ourselves serious questions!

We can and should try to iron out problems in relationships - watering that relationship organism, but if those problems are persistent and our wants and needs don't get met, we have to ask why we are settling for our substandard truths.

My guess is that, we are scared. Scared to stand in our truth for risk of being rejected, not being worthy or wanted, losing the slight connection that we do have, not having someone and having to face ourselves in the mirror. I belive we often think even something like 30% of what we want is better than nothing.. But is it? Because if we shut the door to possibility of getting closer to 100%, we're only ever going to allow for 30%. When we look back on our lives, do we want to have settled because of fear of facing our truths?

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