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Love isn't always all we need!

Unfortunately, love isn't all we need! How many times have you said or heard someone say; "but I love him" or "because I love her" It's not enough.

I'd love you all to think about the relationship as its own organism, it's own entity - the 3rd part of a triangle that is yours and another's love.

The organism of a relationship is the space between you and another - it's a flexible space and so it's able to shape towards and shape away from you, but ultimately you're both able to move and shape with it! We have to find a way to nurture, grow, water and love that space. Give it your space and time, align to it, listen and hear it, acknowledge your need to adapt, acknowledge another's opinion and needs, take risks, TRUST - also importantly, be ok when you haven't done those things, BUT be open to discuss and communicate about it - see your mistakes, hear others and learn to GROW into that relationship shape.

If we don't nurture that space, then a healthy relationship cannot last - even when we love another, and or they love us. Love the relationship organism and we have a chance.

Come to for some support in growing with the relationship, recovering from one, OR finding a way to acknowledge and change the concept that love on its own is enough.

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